Create Databricks SQL Warehouse

TIP: you can also use an existing one and skip this step

  • Open the workspace tab and click on created workspace console:

  • Create SQL warehouse:

  • Switch to SQL tab

  • Click New button

  • Choose SQL Warehouse

  • After the SQL warehouse was created we can copy its connection details

Databricks SQL Warehouse connection details

  • Open workspace console.

  • Go to SQL Warehouse section and open it

  • Open Connection Details tab:

IMPORTANT: Server hostname, Port, HTTP path are used for Dot connection

Create Databricks Token

  • Open workspace console.

  • Open User Settings, go to Access tokens tab and click Generate new token:

  • In the new window put a comment (Optional) and lifetime:

TIP: Lifetime can be set to 0

Allow Dot IPs

If your organization uses a firewall to manage access to Databricks, Dot will only access your Databricks warehouse through the following IPs:



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