Converse with data in your language

Data is stored in complex data models and insights are scattered across hundreds or more dashboards and visualizations. The few experts that can navigate this complexity become a bottleneck for the organization.

Instead of creating Jira-Tickets or following up 3 times on an e-mail, you can just ask Dot - the data bot. Dot is trained by the data team to answer all the flexbile and nuanced questions about your business you care about.


Let's look at some potential questions for an online-shop that sells ramen 🍜 and similar products.

  1. Ask an ambigious question, clarify what you mean, get the answer.

  1. Ask questions that need a deep understanding of your companies data model (e.g. need of joins).

  1. Ask follow up questions!

  1. Saying "I don't know" is one of the most important answers in analytics.

With Dot you can just ask and get an answer, and ask again, and again, and again.

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