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Automatically Sync Dot

To keep Dot in sync with your production environment, it is recommended to trigger the following API endpoint

// URL endpoint
  • Region: app (US) or eu (EU)

  • Connection Type: postgres, redshift, snowflake, mssql, bigquery, databricks, looker, dbt

  • User ID: usually email of the user (url encoded)

  • API Token: can get created (and overwritten) by clicking Copy API Token in Settings/Users/Actions/···

Trigger with curl (CLI)

curl -X "POST" "https://eu.getdot.ai/api/sync/bigquery/my-bg-id?user_id=sync_user%40contoso.com&api_token=42673584be9724a21e1550336d6fe509f4a04207461ec9a926ca2a27cbd27fa0

Trigger with dbt webhooks

Call the api endpoint after your dbt run completed.

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