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What's Dot?

Dot - the data bot answers analytics questions
Answer most business questions instantly 24/7. Data teams can focus on deep work, not on answering easy questions about dashboards.
🤖 Dot, the data bot is an intelligent virtual data assistance that answers business data questions, retrieves definitions and relevant data assets, and can even assist with data modelling.
🧠 Leverages the power of large language models combined with your data stack (Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, see all Integrations) and documentation of processes and metrics.
✅ Ships with a developer training space that ensures the data team is in the driver seat and results from Dot are validated. Say No to hallucinations.
🔒 Ready for Enterprise usage with SOC 2 Type I compliance. Your data is a treasure. We keep it safe.
Last modified 1mo ago